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Our specialties include sustainability and supply chain management, public affairs, government relations in the UK, Europe and the US, reputation and crisis management and corporate communications, including event planning and C-Suite support”
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  • Cranbrook International is a results-oriented, boutique communications firm focused on sustainability, corporate social responsibility, policy and reputation management
  • We engage connected, integrated, strategic thinking to deliver a set of options and an over-arching plan that is tailor-crafted to suit each client’s individual needs
  • We combine stakeholder engagement, external awareness and in-depth understanding of today’s issues to bring a unique level of perception and creativity to the final result
  • We deliver bespoke, unique communications plans across a of variety of areas, including sustainability, public policy and corporate reputation
  • No job is too small or too large for us. We have experience working with global multinational corporations as well as start-ups, non-profits, and government agencies
  • We are a strategic communications consultancy with over 25 years experience offering advice to some of the world’s most prominent companies, start-ups, charities and other organisations


Our team

Kristin Hughes

Managing Director Kristin is a highly skilled external engagement strategist, who excels when working at the intersection of business, government and non-governmental organizations. She recognises the interests of all parties and seeks to create a fair return and positive opportunity for all.

With strong analytical and writing skills combined with professional insights and global experience, Kristin has over two decades of executive level experience successfully designing and implementing sustainability, public policy, international trade and corporate social initiatives that reduced cost, mitigated risk, increased efficiency and improved productivity for multinational companies in the consumer goods, retail and technology sectors.

She has a passion for improving supply chain efficiency – most notably improving the social and working conditions of those working in factories and reducing the environmental impacts such production has on the planet.

Kristin has a law degree from American University, Washington College of Law and she is fluent in German and improving her French. In addition, Kristin has spent much of her career travelling internationally, working with governments and NGOs in emerging markets. Kristin lives in London where she volunteers within her community and sits on the Board of two non-profit organizations.

In her spare time, Kristin writes a sustainability-focused blog as well as fictional short stories and novels and she edits screen plays. Kristin is an avid skier, cyclist and trekker as well as an amateur chef.

Giles Giggins

As Chairman of Cranbrook International, Giles brings with him a wealth of business experience. An expert in the communications field, he has worked at director level for over 20 years. Giles has worked for both ‘above’ and ‘below’ the line agencies in projects ranging from major consumer and fashion launches through to multi-lingual international campaigns. He has worked in many roles, in diverse physical and virtual media across many business sectors for different sized organisations.

A graduate in Graphic Design, Giles is married with two children. He enjoys gardening and is also a keen sportsman, competing in badminton and captaining the Saturday 3rd XI at Gerrard’s Cross Cricket Club.

Cranbrook International’s

Areas of Expertise

Cranbrook International specialises in a number of industry sectors, most notably Apparel Retail, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Technology, with particular expertise in:

   Crisis Management
   Stakeholder Engagement
   Trade Policy Negotiations
   Public Affairs

Key Corporate Affairs Experience

Cranbrook’s assignments have included creating and implementing sustainability and external affairs strategies for multi-national corporations, including the oversight of teams and budgets as well as the development of relationships with key partners to deliver strategic ambitions.


Cranbrook International has the experience and the expertise to help craft a sustainability strategy or to engage and partner with our clients and enhance their vision.

With years of experience in the development space, we have a deep understanding of what is expected to drive performance and results and we can creatively and strategically tailor the sustainability strategy that’s right for any organization.

Bespoke Strategies

  • We helped Faction Skis with a broad sustainability strategy for their products and their supply chain when they looked to launch a new sustainably-driven apparel brand.

Sustainability Communications Tools

  • For Mars Food, we helped launch the Sustainable Rice Platform which included a set of press releases, launch speech, Q&A documents and other helpful talking points.
  • We were a part of the initial creation of Gap Inc’s first ever corporate social responsibility report.

Some companies are simply looking for assistance with what their approach should be to sustainability. We’re not talking about greenwashing, but we can analyse what you’ve done to-date (even if that is nothing – yet) and make the right recommendations for how to take the next step forward.

Stakeholder Engagement 

Connecting with the right people and organisations at the right moment can help propel a project from a simple idea to a glorious reality. Whether those stakeholders are businesses, governments, non-profits, local or global, it’s important to know who to work with, who to partner with and who to learn from.

At Cranbrook we have over twenty years experience putting teams together, identifying and working with stakeholders on behalf of clients to help take sparks of ideas to fruition.

Stakeholders can also help reality-check an idea or a proposal to ensure an organisation is on track for success. We can help build these relationships, make key introductions and arrange meetings. Further we can help support the dialogue with the appropriate communications tools and training.

Corporate Communications 

Be prepared, deliver trust, add value to your brand – that’s what the right corporate communications can bring to your organisation.

We work directly with each client to understand the organisation’s culture and then together craft the right content to highlight the brand, build greater awareness as to who the organisation is and why it matters so that others want to be a part of the movement.

Improve an approach – analysis of what a website says, how videos come across to the average viewer and how these can be improved. Cranbrook can help an organisation improve its voice using social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. We will dig in to understand what the client is looking to convey and craft ways to reach a broader audience?

No job is too small or too large. We can assist with drafting RFP’s, award entries, speeches, press releases, Q&A documents, presentations, product catalogues, conferences and networking events.

Public Affairs 

A lot is happening at the government level these days between President Trump in the US, Brexit negotiations in the UK and EU and many other political developments around the world.

At Cranbrook, we have experience working with governments on both sides of the Atlantic and are well versed in the government processes so we can analyse, track and advise what might happen with regards to certain proposals.

We are here to help our clients understand what legislative proposals mean to their organisation – how could new policies create risks for the bottom line or could they create new opportunities?

We work closely with an organisation’s team to understand the challenges and aspirations, then help advance the long-term interests, understanding the impacts of policy and drafting policy positions and statements that allow our clients to play strategically in the public affairs space.

Reputation Strategy
& Crisis Management 

An organisation’s bottom line can be directly impacted – positively or negatively based on that organisation’s reputation. Trust is directly linked to how the organisation manages its reputation and – if necessary – how it reacts to a crisis.

Cranbrook offers a top-to-bottom reputation management strategy, understanding where and how to engage to build up or restore an organisations reputation based on its best assets.

We work with our clients to understand where potential issues could loom that could impact the organisation’s reputation. We then tailor a strategy to combat or mitigate this risk – or we look to elevate positive opportunities.

Sometimes a crisis still occurs, in which case we can provide broader management of the situation from internal actions and communications to management of the supply chain and external audiences, ensuring that any issues handled with grace and efficiency and that the overall approach is managed effectively.

C-Suite Support  

At Cranbrook International, we have long-term experience working closely with C-Suite executives, preparing them for external engagements with governments, other businesses, key leaders or other stakeholders, including the US White House and Congress; Whitehall and Parliament.

Many of these meetings have taken place at the government house itself, though at times the meetings were arranged at high level multi-lateral meetings like the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos or the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

We have direct experience preparing executives to attend, present and speak at conferences, and we will work to ensure your organization receives the best attention for the work you are doing imaginable.

Furthermore, we are available to organize or attend conferences, meetings and or similar gatherings to coach your executives or simply to be on hand, summarizing the day’s events and capturing opportunities for your organisation with various key stakeholders – or helping you facilitate your own team gatherings and off-sites.

Cranbrook International’s Programme Examples

Mars Food Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative: collaborated with governments and NGOs to promote sustainability practices and improve social impacts for those working in Mars Food’s supply chain.

Faction Skis Sustainable Outerwear Sustainable Supply Chain: designing and implementing a supply chain strategy for a new outerwear brand whose primary focus is sustainability, alongside business growth.

Gap Incorporated Global Public Policy and Engagement Strategy: developed strategic partnerships to thwart damaging practices occurring in garment factories, focusing on improving working conditions, and the remediation of child and forced labor practices.

Hewlett Packard Economic Development and Stakeholder Engagement: represented HP in high level engagements with the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and the World Bank to promote technology solutions for sustainability and development in emerging markets focusing on education and entrepreneurship.

Hasbro Developed and implemented EU Corporate Affairs strategy, including overseeing the EU public affairs portfolio, assisting with crisis and reputation management, drafting local engagement strategies and developing communications tools.

Running Start Helped take the Running Start platform from the US to the UK, engaging with local university stakeholders and creating communications and engagement strategies to empower girls to be more involved in politics.

Windpact Provided C-Suite and Communications support to Windpact as executives engaged in international trade shows and discussions with sports-related media promoting their product, its innovation and the long-term strategy for the company.

Operation Underground Railroad Provided international support to advance OUR’s efforts in a new region. Created and assisted with the deployment of a stakeholder engagement strategy that aligned OUR principles with local UK enforcement goals.

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